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Poetic Tweets

Birdsong can be heard even as the New Year approaches. I’ve been scanning my Twitter contacts and am here offering a selection of these intrepid online poets…


1. PoetsPageshttp://twitter.com/#!/PoetsPages *Poems from the U.K. & farther afield…

2. 21st Century Poetshttp://twitter.com/#!/21CenturyPoets *Social networking for poets

3. ten_ten_ten: http://twitter.com/#!/ten_ten_ten *Lyrical and perceptive micropoetry

4. Toltec John: http://twitter.com/#!/Toltecjohn * Hardy, Frost, Ginsberg–32,000 tweets!

5. Tiny Little Poems: http://twitter.com/#!/tinylittlepoems *Performance poet from Melbourne

6. Coyote Sings: http://twitter.com/#!/CoyoteSings *Nature, Buddhism, and ferrets

7. byPetaL: http://twitter.com/#!/byPetaL *Photography & acerbic comments

8. Poemwatch: http://twitter.com/#!/poemwatch *Poet, delver into archives, wanderer

9. Yupius: http://twitter.com/#!/yupius *The real deal from Japan

10. Dgdreamin: http://twitter.com/#!/dgdreamin *Gorgeous stuff


Photo: WikCmns; CC3.0 Share Alike; author: MDF.

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