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The Continuing Saga of the Gilgamesh-ist

Well, time seems to have flown by recently, and with it has come further developments in the Saga of my version of Gilgamesh. Let me start by setting the stage: 1) my home computer crashed a couple of months back, probably terminally; it now holds hostage the latest rewrites of Tablet VIII. Maybe in the next little while, after my current financial crisis subsides, I can get it fixed, or at least get the local computer folks to rescue the relevant files. 2) The frustrations of Tab 8 notwithstanding, the version overall has made excellent progress. Specifics follow:

1) Tablet III. I thought I would never figure out how to get Utu’s Speech near the beginning right; a breakthrough several weeks ago has led to the completion of this speech & the finishing of the entire tablet except some new material I’ve added near the middle. That too is making satisfying progress.

2) Tablet XI: Long locked in hibernation, this tablet has now made its way into early second draft. Am presently considering which kitchen sink to throw at it to get it over the top.

3) Tablet VI: Another hibernating tablet, I managed to wake it up by adding material I had mistakenly placed in Tab 3 at the end of this tablet. And even better news: the first half of the tablet needs little modification from first draft. Now the main issue is stitching the two pieces together.

4) Let me summarize: tablets 1-2: finished; tablet 3: nearly done; tablets 4-5: some complex decisions & editing remain here; tablet 6: a promising second draft; tablet 7: finished; tablet 8: nearly done; tablet 9: second draft & 100-line excerpt complete; tablet 10: second draft; tablet 11: second draft.

5) And, ladies and gentlemen, the totals: finished: 3 tablets; nearly done: 2 tablets; in second draft+: 2 tablets; in second draft: 2 tablets; in second draft w/ editorial decisions remaining: 2 tablets. For a total of 11 tablets.

& those interested in finding out more about my Gilgamesh project can go here.


Photo: Bearded Man (Sumerian, 3300 B.C.); WikiCmns; Public Domain; Source: M-L Nguyen.

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