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What would the blogosphere be without Margo Roby and her amazing blog, Wordgathering?

Wordgathering is the first reader that poets dream of, the editor who is knowledgeable but not burnt-out, the support group that is both gentle and perceptive. This is a blog that teaches us how to write poetry.

Whereas many poets trust inspiration to get them where they need to go, WG relies on method and persistance (and a quick mind). For years, Ms. Roby has faithfully added a post a day during weekdays (& at least sometimes during weekends), each post linking us to online poetry resources or offering the fruits of her own poetic endeavors. Wanna get linked into the poetry scene online? You could do a lot worse than start at WG.

Don’t believe me? Here’s just one of WG’s suggested links: imaginary garden with real toads.

But that is just one of the services that Wordgathering offers. Perusing the posts will quickly expand your poetic vocubulary and technique. Just what, after all, is a wordle? RT will happily confess to scrambling around the net trying to answer this question as he sits here writing. And by the by, what is a decima (hint: it has something to do with Puerto Rico)? This blog will put new tools in your poetry kit pronto.

What we are talking about is a blog that offers a daily snapshot of poetry on the web–its practitioners and its means. Any blogger knows how hard it is to keep posting regularly (and to keep–more or a less–on topic). But to keep highly focused on a complicated topic (or series of them), all the while producing that daily post–that is an accomplishment any blogger can admire.

And now the coup-de-grace: Wordgathering’s experienced, intelligent, and generous perspective on things poetic. A career spent teaching certainly informs Ms. Roby’s outlook, but so does a broad and full life-experience. RT can’t help it, but the word wisdom comes to mind.  And all for the price of using your free library net connection.

RT hasn’t seen it often remarked, but generosity is one of the drivers behind the blogosphere. Now, RT will stipulate to the fact that Wordgathering has on more than one occasion posted about his blog, and that he has not been the only beneficiary of Ms. Roby’s thoughtful praise. Such encouragement is the lifeblood of bloggers, keeping us at our keyboards, trying to get the words right (or at least better). Sadly, I can think of only a handful of blogs that provide the quality of support that WG does.

If Margo Roby’s Wordgathering wasn’t with us, the blogosphere would be a notably less welcoming and necessary place.      RT

Image: School Culture Wordle; T. Goldins; WikiCmns; Public Domain.


  1. August 18, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    I am trying, desperately, not to look at the date. I am so glad that you do know how life goes. I had the email in my inbox to remind the sieve that is my mind to thank you, but it dropped below the window… almost certain gulag-like tendencies for emails to which that happens.

    I do thank you. I am also still abashed.


  2. August 18, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    margo: life gets confusing (i should know)…i haven’t taken offense & i won’t…& you’re welcome! eric

  3. August 18, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    p.s. so get rid of that abashment…you’re a very fine blogger!

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