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Mars or Bust (a poem)







Here’s a poem inspired by a prompt at We Write Poems, located via Margo Roby’s WordGathering

you know how it works…someone will get there…

it won’t be pennies per mile, this time.

no sled dogs or ponies, either;

no whooping support team in California or Florida–

our eyes will be turned elsewhere,

our dollars invested in saner projects.

whoever it is, well–imagine a Ranter with a PhD

in math, Newton dropped like an apple

on a poet’s brow; Steve Jobs in his garage, tinkering with

circuit boards from heaven.

yeah, possibly that might work,

it could get us there.

Theories have half-lives, you know:

data, those pesky

animalcules of truth,

eats them

so go with it

(it all might be good)

and we get the scoop when

it’s too late: he built his ship

in his basement, hitched his supply

depots to observatories at

The LeGrange Points…nobody was looking.

fuel was several boxes of breakfast cereal

soaked in his patent-free, non-gasoline

nutrient broth.

he doesn’t intend to come back; likes the desert too much.

(could it be a she?)

anyway, that’s what the fearless poet-bloggers

say (and it costs almost nothing)

& nothing ever

eats hope & haven’t you noticed?

the mind just seems

to keep getting




© 2012, The Rag Tree


Photo: Gale Crater; Mars Curiosity Rover; WikiCmns; NASA/JPL; Public Domain w/ attribution.


  1. August 18, 2012 at 5:11 am

    I love the last three stanzas.

  2. August 19, 2012 at 5:32 am

    0over0: thanks for the feedback; the poem did seem to pick up momentum as it went along. RT

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