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Scottish Gaelic Resources

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It doesn’t seem appropriate to close out RT’s thread on Scottish languages without mentioning resources that exist for the study and perpetuation of Scottish Gaelic.

An excellent place to start is the net, with its many directories of online services. Here are some of the SG directories:

1) Scottish Gaelic Learner’s Materials on the Internet.

2) Yahoo Directory of Scottish Gaelic Resources.

3) Best of the Web’s Scottish Gaelic Languages.

Done a lot of online study and picked up the beginnings of SG, but want to get to the next level? How about a tutor? Here’s a list of SG tutors around the world who can help you.

OK, now you’ve been tutored and fallen completely in love with the language. If you’re in elementary or secondary school and are *really* determined to speak the language, Scotland offers a number of schools that provide education in SG. Or, if you are an adult and interested in a Scottish Gaelic immersion experience, the Scottish Gaelic College on the Isle of Skye can help you. Or you can take advantage of the Net Revolution and learn via The Language Exchange, which allows you to learn from a native speaker via e-mail and text and voice chat.

Finally, interested in the whole package, SG language and culture? Check out An Comunn Gàidhealach, founded in 1891 and dedicated to the preservation of all things Scottish Gaelic.

Fortan leat! (that’s “good luck” in Scottish Gaelic)…     RT


Illustration: The High Poet Blesses King Alexander II during his Coronation (Late medieval manuscript of the Scottichronicon by Walter Bower. From folio 206 in Corpus Christi College Cambridge MS 17). WikiCmns. Public Domain.


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