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El Beso, Manuel Feliu de Lemus



Manuel Feliu de Lemus (born in Barcelona, 1865; died, Paris, 1922) was a Catalan illustrator and painter; his work is linked with anecdotal realism, a style whose principal proponents were Gustave Courbet and, in literature, Honore de Balzac; works in this genre focus on the lower classes from a romantic and leftist perspective.

Lemus studied at the School Llotja; he then lived for an extended period in Madrid, where his principal influence was the work of Velázquez at the Prado Museum. Afterwards, he moved to Paris, where he lived the rest of his life.

Lemus’ work was often exhibited in Paris and appeared in the Sala Pares Watercolor Circle (1885) and in the Barcelona Universal Exposition (1888). He was an academic at the Catalan Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi. (RT translated this article from Spanish–with help from the Wikipedia translator app.)


RT notes that Lemus might easily be considered a minor artist, overshadowed by Courbet and Balzac; yet the work reproduced here, The Kiss, suggests otherwise. Artists often rise and fall with the styles and schools they worked within. Careful consideration of individual pieces can give a truer sense of a painter’s (or writer’s) importance.


Image: El Beso; Manuel Feliu de Lemus, WikiCmns, Public Domain.


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