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The Shoulders of Atlas

File:First neutrino observation.jpg


RT has long wanted to post about particle physics, the ultimate black box of truth. He wanted to put up one of those dramatic, colorized images of particles smashed together, breaking apart in spectacular corkscrews of light.

But, Dilbert-like, the above is RT’s contribution to the understanding of something he has only the vaguest notions about. It is, in fact, a historic photo, recording the first observation of a neutrino (and, it turns out, the photo also displays an anti-neutrino).

Cool stuff, but RT admits to being pretty much beyond words.

He will note, however, that neutrino oscillations have flavors and that neutrinos are marked by handedness (specifically, in their helicities). Where else but in the intricate gardens of mathematical formulae would we expect to find blossoms of metaphor? The mind yearns for experience (and for beauty)…   RT


Photograph: First Neutrino Observation (Nov. 13, 1970). Argonne National Laboratory. WikiCmns; Public Domain.


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