History of the Centaurs


From the time he was a teenager up until his late 20s, RT admired science fiction and fantasy (and particularly the works of J.R.R. Tolkein) enough to want to write it. But, as he discovered over the years, each type of writing is highly specific, requiring in some cases extremely specialized skill sets. So, early in his early 30s, RT turned to poetry.

But not before he proceeded some way towards finishing a fantasy novel, one that featured centaurs. Here is a piece of background writing from the work:

Excerpts from The History of the Centaurs

1. The first sign to the people of Anados of the Turani Herdsmen: a grazing horse, and that, the first horse seen east of Kirruri River. But the plowmen who encountered the animal had not brought news of it to the cities when the first companies of Herdsmen crossed the river at Blessingstones.

Though they love battle, the Turani would not fight the Nadosi–the pasture of the steppe is rich and the armies of the cities were strong. Even so, the two peoples made little effort at contact: the Turani worshiped Sarga the Locust; the men of the cities, Aruna the Singer. What is more, the Herdsmen brought narratives of the Centaurs, who some believed still lived. These tales reported the anger of the Centaurs and their desire to avenge the murder of their great Queen, Aya. These words the men of Anados dismissed, though uneasily.

Sensing reluctance to establish contact, the Turani withdrew over Uz Stream. Many years passed before the men of the cities desired commerce with them.

PaintingThe Education of Achilles by Chiron; Donato Creti (1714); Musei Civici, Bologna. WikiCmns; Public Domain.

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