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Gilgamesh–the Back Cover!!!

File:Izdubar and heabani.png

The last hurdle in RT’s publishing Gilgamesh tablets 1-4 on Lulu is the book’s back cover. Nothing to be slighted, back covers help give a book a sense of being a finished product, complete in both its contents and design. RT has been using the freeware program Inkscape to produce uploadable files; all good and well. But he has just now noticed that Inkscape’s file format is incompatible with WordPress. Or maybe not–RT is tired.

In any case, the BC is coming along pretty well; another couple or three days should see it finished. Then the book will be actually e-published, and RT is seriously considering doing nothing for a day. What delicious rebellion…   RT


ImageIzdubar and Heabani in conflict with the lion and bull (1876); source: The Chaldean Account of Genesis, author, George Smith. WikiCmns. Public Domain.




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