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Architectural Details & DNA

File:Elephant - Nyhavn, Copenhagen - DSC08416.JPG


One of RT’s great-grandfathers was a successful building contractor; another was a housepainter. Seemingly disparate occupations, but then again, maybe not.

What is certain is that RT has always loved architecture and architectural details; his sojourns in Baltimore, MD and now Martinsburg, WV have brought him in close proximity to many beautiful buildings, and RT has developed an affection for pre-WWII American buildings, the kind that often run riot with whimsical or majestic ornament. In fact, RT lives in such a building (though w/o the ornament); what his apartment does offer is its one-of-a-kind floor plan, quiet, wood floors, a certain period character, and a great view out over the town’s roofs.

Now RT’s mathematical skills being what they are, he will never become a builder. And yet he has always wanted to design his own house, and he responds strongly to buildings of all kinds, and especially the neglected architecture of early suburban America. And then again, the Assyrian wall murals from Nineveh and elsewhere have also entranced him…

and of course, he’s a poet. what else could he be, what with poetry’s ornamental details and carefully measured rhythms? The past is in our bones, the cells that make up our hair, the way we feel when we see a peony. When RT finds one of his great-grandfather’s buildings (some of which are on the National Register of Historic Places), he learns a bit more about his own interests and love of detail…   RT


Photo: Elephant, Nyhavn, Copenhagen. Author: Daderot. WikiCmns; CC 1.0 Public Dedication.


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