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The Creation of England–902-920

File:Eroberung des Danelags.jpg


RT admires this map on several levels: it is pleasing to look at; it conveys a great deal of information in a small space; and though labelled in German, it can easily be decoded by English speakers. Readers should also note the speed with which the Kingdom of Wessex conquered its Anglo-Saxon and Danish rivals, comprising an area far larger than itself. The Wessex king principally responsible for the actual conquest is Edward the Elder (r. 899-924 & son of Alfred the Great). But it seems that Alfred had laid the groundwork by preventing the Viking conquest of England and being the first to take the title, King of the Anglo-Saxons.


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Map: Conquest of the Danelaw by the Kingdom of Wessex, 902-920. Author: S. Bollmann. WikiCmns, CC 1.0 Generic.

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