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Vexillogy and Freedom

File:Flag of Ohnišov.jpg

What if you love designing flags? The study of flags could seem trivial compared to other matters before the human mind, but, still, someone has to do it. And it’s not as if vexillogists don’t add beauty, meaning, and usefulness to the world–everyone loves a beautiful flag.

And yet it’s easy to imagine anxious parents counseling a child not to pursue this passion. What about a steady income? What about earning a decent living? Couldn’t the child put his or her skills to a better use?

Flags are powerful things–sometimes so powerful that they are in effect religious symbols. They speak to us from some hidden or forgotten hope. Like a poem, they help introduce ourselves to what is best and most necessary in our natures. They point out the intersections between people.

When will we be able to acknowledge the importance of and support apparently trivial work?   RT

Flag: Flag of Ohnisov, Czech Republic. Created by Jan Tejkal. WikCmns; Public Domain.


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