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53rd Birthday–the Reverb

File:Radio Station of H. G. Miller at York Pa.png

Harbinger of the future: a radio transmitter in 1916. It’s a good image to remember–the future comes like this, in odd and unexpected and in sometimes comical ways. Almost nobody takes it seriously. The real revolutions happen when no one is looking.

From RT’s perspective, it’s a good way to look at things. Thanks to the various digital revolutions of the past several decades, he has managed to publish the first third of Gilgamesh and find out a lot more about his grandfather the actor. He has posted a bunch on this blog. He has spent a good deal of the time with his ear firmly planted on the ground, listening. It’s how he picks up curious and enduring ideas.

Some of which he has shared in these pages, or in tablets 1-4.

Sometimes RT thinks it’s a matter of what one is permitted to finish. He’s pretty sure that tablets 5-11 will see the light of publication. The two other rumors that are chasing him, his grandfather, The Nitrate Angel, and the Elohist and his mysterious role in producing the earliest pieces of the Bible, are more difficult to predict. But one thing is certain: the past counts too.

As for his family, RT can only say that he hopes the medical development teams out there get their new cures for macular degeneration out into the marketplace in time for his mom to have 5 or 10 unexpected years of excellent vision given to her.

And then there’s the Affordable Care Act. Living in West Virginia, RT apparently will be on Medicaid. Sometimes, after all, it seems that revolutions do happen when people are looking. It just takes more patience and effort.

And it’s bedtime (or well past it)…it’s been a good start to RT’s new year…  RT

PhotoRadio Station of H. G. Miller at York. Pa. WikiCmns. Public Domain.


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