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Berkeley Arts Council–Martinsburg, West Virginia




Well, folks, it could be just another arts organization start-up, what with the economy being the way it is and Martinsburg and West Virginia not having the best reputations in the arts world. Things could peter out or, worse, develop into a runaway arts success story, with the emphasis on the word “success.”

But RT isn’t inclined to think so. The Berkeley Arts Council is starting in a relatively humble location, downtown Martinsburg, but one that is filled with seasoned artists in every medium and a local population of people who, thanks to the town’s railroad background, have a mechanical genius. There’s  something about this town that’s sympathetic to artists–and their needs.

And then there’s the poetry. RT is a believer in the early origins of art–the need for beauty is buried deep in the brain, and it can emerge in the talk of a bricklayer as suddenly as in the writings of someone with an MFA. RT has heard some profound poetry erupt in this locality.

The truth is, local artists need support as much as the people they teach; RT hopes that the BAC will help make the life of art easier to those already practicing and more appealing to those considering art as a career. And he hopes other local arts organizations will follow suit.

Here’s the BAC website link: check it out and think about what could be done in your area to improve support for artists.



PhotoArgonauta nouryi world record size shell (from private collection). WikiCmns; Public Domain.


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