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Thylacoleo Was Terrifying

the marsupial lion…and other cool stuff…check it out! RT

the glyptodon

Think Australia is scary now? I mean, I understand your trepidation – salt water crocodiles, sharks, jellyfish, giant spiders – who wouldn’t think twice about going for a stroll in the Outback? But what you see today is nothing compared to what aboriginal settlers had to deal with 50,000 years ago. There were giant kangaroos, hippo-sized wombats, twenty-foot long monitor lizards, and echidnas the size of sheep. Sheep.

Whoever got to this island, looked around, and said “Yeah, this’ll do,” must have had ice water in her veins. I can imagine her stepping out of a canoe, a fierce, conquering look in her eyes as she surveyed her new home. I can imagine her walking through the forest paths. I can imagine her hunting for food. I can imagine her being flying-tackled and eaten by a 250 pound marsupial lion.

Because this article isn’t about…

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