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Pocket Watch

File:1926 goldene Taschenuhr IWC2.jpg


RT has always wanted a pocket watch. But he has to be realistic about this: he wants something elegant he can pull out of his vest. He admires the beauty of these watches, which tend to be older and better made than wristwatches, those reminders of the practical and the necessary. But training himself to remember to put the watch in his pocket every morning would just add another item to his morning checklist, and that would defeat the purpose of the exercise, which is to let the watch remind him and his circle of days that were a little less restricted by obligations, if only because the watch had not become as ubiquitous as it has. Social status notwithstanding, RT will probably keep the Timex that has served faithfully these many years.    RT


Photo: Goldene Taschenuhr; WikiCmns; Public Domain. Author: ON.


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