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Gold Statuettes, Oxus Treasure

File:Gold statuettes from the Oxus Treasure by Nickmard Khoey.jpg

Mysterious and beautiful statuettes from the Oxus Treasure, an Achaemenid-period horde of gold objects found by the Oxus River in 1877-1880. The statuettes each carry a barsom. Several topics worthy of further research, RT thinks…


Photo: Gold Statuettes from the Oxus Treasure; Nickmard Khoey; WikiCmns; CC 2.0 Generic.

  1. July 27, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Ah, barsom, my new favourite exotic word. I assumed that the figures perhaps held a purification sprinkler or aspergil, as in Catholic ritual, but apparently not.

    Your Wikpedia link suggests that “In ritual, the barsom bundle is either held in the left hand, or placed across a pair of metallic stands”. These naughty priests should be excommunicated then! Right hands indeed!

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