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Out of the Blue: Five Blogs



RT sat down at the computer table today and realized it has been some time since he cruised the net looking for new blogs and web sites. So he spent thirty or so minutes doing just that, first giving himself a list of topics to search on. The links below will guide readers to something a little different (for RT, anyway). Enjoy the discoveries!

1.  Writer Adept. (topic: flash fiction). RT has never attempted flash fiction before; here is a fine guest-post by FF writer Alissa Leonard relating her experiences with the form and linking to two pieces of her flash fiction, one written with a 500-word limit, the other with a 55-word limit (whoa!).

2. Six Sisters’ Stuff. (topic: dessert). OK, RT, what with his sweet tooth and all, has been known to post on desserts. On the other hand, this dessert looks pretty yummy…

3. Fencing Net. Well, RT has never shown too much interest in the big sports, but since middle-school he’s harbored a secret desire to learn how to fence. Anyway, this site looks like a good place to beginning learning something about this poetic past-time. En Garde!

4. Leftbrainwrite. (topic: grammar). The Dragons of Grammar haven’t been totally derelict these last few weeks–here’s their contribution, offering a professional editor’s take on how to use grammar.

5. Belgian Pearls. (topic: pearls). From a literal point of view, no pearls here, just some reflections from a life lived large.

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PhotographChristmas lighting in Weinstadt-Endersbach (night photo), Germany; night photograph. Author: Wildfeuer. WikiCmns; CC 1.0 Generic.


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      cyril: thanks for the repost; it’s always appreciated! RT

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