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A Dollar in Dimes (A Poem)

DCF 1.0

RT likes to listen to music when he gets up in the morning; today the selection was a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” on Jane Monheit‘s album Come Dream with Me. Monheit’s gorgeous vocals, backed only by guitar and a superb fretless bass, left RT deeply pensive–one of the moods that has been known to produce poetry in him.  This morning proved no exception, and so RT offers his latest poetic endeavor below:

A Dollar in Dimes


counting them out calms me

in my apartment, its old hardwood

floors, its views of the rooftops &

the sky’s selection of cloud and light

& i

thought of the day i drove my

brother all the way up

Connecticut Avenue to interview

a retired supreme court Justice and


our whole life waited for us, him

to lecture at thunderbird and me

with my guarded memories of

the far away & long ago.


So this is what it’s come to: an

arrangement of coins on my desktop

& the voice of an old song &

the thought of holding you–


& maybe

it will last, the long, slow

rhythm of the train, the bump

of pigeons against the window,

& you breaking out into

your smile, tiny kisses

on your belly.

Photo: Dime depicting Franklin Delano Roosevelt; author: User talk: Fg2. WikiCmns; Public Domain.

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