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A Strange and Beautiful Gift (a poem)

File:Jože Gorjup - Angel (2).png

Even a casual inspection of the riches of WikiCommons might boggle the hardened and inveterate lover of images: there is just so much beauty out there! In about ten minutes of browsing through WikiCmns for an image this morning, RT discovered the David Gareja Monestery in Georgia (and its cycle of frescoes) and Joze Gorjup, a Slovenian artist who lived in the first part of the 20th century (the only information RT could find on Gorjup is in Slovenian–he feels another translation/post coming on). Anyway, RT couldn’t resist the accompanying image.

Poetry works this way, too. Things pile up as the poet progresses through the routines and discoveries of each day. A poem will take its time in appearing from the pile of mostly unattended material, and might even wait until the pile has been sorted and the more ephemeral items put to the side. But sooner or later, the words migrate from wherever they live–winged, walking, climbing over hills, tramping down valleys, they make their welcome appearance.   RT

A Strange and Beautiful Gift


angels burn,

***********or so i hear

*********** they wish i would smile

but that would be



so i’ll just say, stop your tears–

you are not forgotten: you did

**********this thing–angels

burn in your veins, making

*****unreasonable demands in a

reasonable world, sending you

across the globe. your friends know

this: “I simply can’t do that.”


*****or so they thought–the reasonable

expectations of an unreasonable world


their mouths, sending their thoughts

*****tumbling. far better to speak in

*****sparks, to send tails and tendrils

of flame hissing along the pavement.


midwife of nations you are:

man-dragon, rising.

Copyright © 2013, The Rag Tree

Drawing: Angel (by 1932); Joze Gorjup. Charcoal on paper. WikCmns; Public Domain.


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