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RT has registered for Medicaid!


It is with some relief and more than a little pride that RT can report he has registered for Medicaid. In all, the process required a handful of telephone calls and about 15 minutes on the West Virginia Medicaid web site. RT gives the overall service so far an A-. Registration was not very hard to do, and RT was particularly impressed by the WV Medicaid online application, which was written in a straightforward, easy-to-understand vernacular.

RT will have to follow up on the registration: find out when to expect receiving the Medicaid card and making sure nothing else needs to be done. But for the moment, he’s feeling good about the process.

As for the accompanying chart, RT isn’t sure how to explain the difference between expanding Medicaid and not expanding. He has a hunch, however, that this is another liberal vs. conservative issue. As RT finishes out this post, someone in the computer lab is registering for healthcare online.    RT


Chart: ACA Medicaid Expansion by State. (Dark Green=expanding Medicaid; Medium Green=debating expansion; Light Green=not expanding). Author: Kurykh. WikiCmns; CC 3.0 Unported.


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