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Obamacare to the Rescue!!!


Well, RT has had quite a week adjusting to his new living circumstances with his mother, but everything is fine. What really set the last several days apart from the normal day-to-day stuff happened on Thursday. RT picked up his monthly medications at a local pharmacy. Total cost? $0. Zip, free, nada. RT figures that this improvement will save him and his mother about $180 per month.

RT can tell you, he was floating around like a balloon on Thursday; he’s so happy, he’s even remembering to use capitalization when appropriate in his sentences. His mother was only slightly less euphoric; we ordered pizza in to celebrate.

Things really can get better. It takes determination, organization, patience, and money, but seldom in RT’s life has victory been sweeter than this. Rock on, President Obama!


Photo: Effexor XR®. Author: Thomas Wilson Pratt Slatin. WikiCmns. Public Domain.


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