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death and mourning

File:Emelyn Story Tomba (Cimitero Acattolico Roma).jpg

As difficult as it is, each of us has to confront the reality of death in the most painful way: the loss of a family member, confidante, or other intimate friend. They are gone, suddenly or not, and we confront a gaping hole in our life. A year was the typical period of mourning dictated in more traditional times, and the process can take longer, depending on the strength of the bond with the person who has died.

Recently, one of RT’s friends lost her mother. To encourage the healing process for her and her family, RT made bold to write the following poem; he hopes it helps them in their grieving:


The dead like gods

watch us, concerned,

listen to our pain,

confer, render judgment.


Visit our dreams, we ask,

with your warnings and memories.


Earth and heaven are one,

they reply, the path to

the shining souls rooted

in the sun’s deep night cradle.

The steps are sapphire, they say:

climb with us, like angels–




******************************soar and glide

******************************in the lapis and gold Heavens;

******************************climb down and

******************************wake in the

******************************day star’s



their words humming and

*****singing in the dead



*****dust of seed and

******************************flower scattered far in

******************************inthe privilege of winds.



Photo: Angel of Grief (1894); William Wetmore Story, sculptor. Protestant Cemetary in Rome. WikiCmns; Public Domain.


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