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Memorial Day, 2014

Stalingrad, July 1942…the streets burn in the run-up to the main engagement of Axis and Soviet forces, which lasted from August 1942 to February 1943, resulting in the decisive defeat of the Axis armies. Each side lost a million men in the battle.

File:After holding a woodland position all night near Wiltz, Luxembourg, against German counter attack, three men of B... - NARA - 531349.tif

After holding a woodland position all night during the Battle of the Bulge (December 1944-February 1945), three soldiers of B Company, 101st Engineers, emerge for a rest. The Bulge cost American troops more casualties than any other engagement in World War II.

To the memory of the soldiers who defeated the Axis powers and liberated Europe…and to all American soldiers who fought, suffered, and were killed in combat throughout the nation’s history.


Photos: topBurning Streets in Stalingrad (July, 1942).  German Federal Archive. WikiCmns; CC 3.0 Unported Germany. bottom: Three American Soldiers During the Battle of the Bulge. German Federal Archive. WikiCmns; CC 3.0 Unported Germany.


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