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Extra! Extra! The Rag Tree Undergoing Construction!

File:Augustus Edwin Mulready A London Newsboy 1893.jpg

Yes, dear readers, The Rag Tree is indeed undergoing renovations. Here is a list of the improvements currently in hand:


1) RT’s page, tours, tours will include descriptions of each post.

2) RT has converted the page formerly devoted to his poetry collection, Amassunu, to a page on RT’s sister blog, Ampersand Press and its publications.

3) RT’s page The Line, will soon have more complete information on this fundamental unit of poetry.


and there will be more changes aimed at making The Rag Tree as user friendly and informative as possible.



Illustration: A London Newsboy (1893); Augustus Edwin Mulready. WikiCmns; Public Domain.


Ampersand Press

September 20, 2012 2 comments

Over the years, RT has dreamed of running a small press; no small feat, what with the cost of paper, distribution issues, marketing, and last but not least, production and printing. Of late, the e-publishing revolution on the net has taken care of many of these problems. And now, portions of Gilgamesh and A Daughter’s Song and Dance are very close to being print ready. And best of all, The Rag Tree itself is producing material that has print potential.

So, suppressing a small shiver of disbelief, RT announces the founding of Ampersand Press. The press currently has a WP blog and a Facebook page, and hopes to expand its net presence as opportunities crop up. The publications list is short right now, and AP is not accepting manuscripts until the three books currently awaiting publication are in print and on Kindle, but next year hopes to be reading new material.

RT is a bit breathless with it all, but in a good way. More updates to follow…    RT