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Mrs. Fiske & Earlier Broadway

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File:Minnie Maddern Fiske.jpg


All the research that RT is doing on his acting granddad may have to do with more than family genealogy. Broadway before the Depression was an amazing place. Take, for instance, this picture of Minnie Maddern Fiske, famous actress and wife of one of the more important men on Broadway at the turn of the century, Harrison Grey Fiske. And what about the photographer? He was Fred Holland Day, a significant, if not very well known, photographer on Broadway. The connections go on and on…what a world!   RT

File:Fred Holland Day 1911.jpg



topActress Minnie Maddern Fiske (between 1895 and 1912). LOC. WikiCmns; Public Domain.

bottom: Fred Holland Day (1911).  From the Louise Imogen Guiney Collection (Library of Congress). WikiCmns; Public Domain.



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a poignant tribute, an interesting blog…RT

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Absinthe Spoon

June 17, 2013 2 comments


Long lambasted as a dangerous addictive drug, absinthe in the last 20 or so years has had a revival: it has been shown to be no more harmful to drinkers than other highly alcoholic spirits. The spoon pictured above pays tribute to two frequent associations with the “green fairy” (as it has been called): its links to fin-d’empire excess and to Victorian ideals of beauty. Enjoy (with good sense!)   RT

PhotoAbsinthe spoon; photographer: Victor Fiala (Pizen); WikiCmns; Public Domain.


Towanroath Engine House Revisited

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Once more from the wilds of Britain…  RT

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Towanroath Engine House Revisited.

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leave it to Dane Dakota to capture the beauty of a woman in the most respectful and irresistible way possible…enjoy! RT

Dane Dakota's Art

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