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three shorts #3

February 4, 2017 Leave a comment

1990 Yamaha Pacifica 921 (5848606856).jpg

A little while back, RT fell on a concrete patio and fractured a rib. These things, painful as they are, can focus our energies and get us moving again. They can also drive us a little crazy, which might not be a bad thing, either.

Which brings us to tonight’s set of poems (and by the way, the rib seems to be healing nicely). All poems have an appointment with an anonymous meaning coach, which they may or may not keep. RT isn’t sure about this set, sidetracked, perhaps, by certain siren calls. The coach, in the meantime, taps its fingers loudly, as it should; we don’t want our words to be mish-mash.

The bargain isn’t easily struck. Each poem has its own inner necessity or logic, which is the meaning that it offers. But like the electric guitars that RT was listening to while he composed, such steely structure is offset by shape, color, tuning, and a combination of visual and musical drama. Poems can give little guidance as they emerge, or maybe all that is needed. It’s about what sounds good. And what means something (but what?).


three shorts #3


your fractured rib is;

mind forgotten, tottering.

death laughs; you laugh, gasp.


the boy next door curses—

proud, the cell-phone hum-a-lums

you back. buzz, beer bee!


before you, being

and ere February pass,

your car eyes. fat snow.


© 2017, The Rag Tree


Photo1990 Yamaha Pacifica 921.  Freebird from Madrid, Spain. WikiCmns. CC BY-SA 2.0.



Berkeley Arts Council–Martinsburg, West Virginia

June 25, 2013 1 comment




Well, folks, it could be just another arts organization start-up, what with the economy being the way it is and Martinsburg and West Virginia not having the best reputations in the arts world. Things could peter out or, worse, develop into a runaway arts success story, with the emphasis on the word “success.”

But RT isn’t inclined to think so. The Berkeley Arts Council is starting in a relatively humble location, downtown Martinsburg, but one that is filled with seasoned artists in every medium and a local population of people who, thanks to the town’s railroad background, have a mechanical genius. There’s  something about this town that’s sympathetic to artists–and their needs.

And then there’s the poetry. RT is a believer in the early origins of art–the need for beauty is buried deep in the brain, and it can emerge in the talk of a bricklayer as suddenly as in the writings of someone with an MFA. RT has heard some profound poetry erupt in this locality.

The truth is, local artists need support as much as the people they teach; RT hopes that the BAC will help make the life of art easier to those already practicing and more appealing to those considering art as a career. And he hopes other local arts organizations will follow suit.

Here’s the BAC website link: check it out and think about what could be done in your area to improve support for artists.



PhotoArgonauta nouryi world record size shell (from private collection). WikiCmns; Public Domain.


Very Inspiring Blogger: RT Makes the Cut!!!

November 23, 2012 8 comments


It’s about inspiration isn’t it? You plan something out, work your way though most of it, then realize how to finish it. And so with RT’s unexpected nomination by the Jenny Mac Book Blog.  A sense of vindication is hard to avoid, especially since this is an award from one blogger who has shot more than a few sacred cows dead to another. Thank you, JMBB!

Seven (Very Inspiring) Things to Know About RT

1. RT believes that we have an obligation to make the world better.

2. RT takes one Centrum vitamin and three Fish Oil pills a day. (The better to think you with, my dear!)

3. RT has two cats he adopted from the municipal parking lot across the street from his apartment.

4. The cats are Zarina (big white & a bit of a scairdy cat) and Licorice (small black & a fierce panther in miniature). Both are adorable when they are not fighting over hug-time privileges.

5. RT has discovered the magic of peanut butter and orange marmalade on whole wheat bread. Go PB&J!!!

6. RT fixed curried lamb chops for Turkey Day. Always the instigator (even if they were delicious), that RT…

7. RT prefers to use legal pads when composing Gilgamesh (tho he does not use the top of an ice box, or whatever it was, as a writing surface, as did Thomas Wolfe–he was over 6′ 6″ tall).

Now here’s the really tough part–nominating 15 bloggers for the award (or maybe not so tough; there’s a lot of talent out there!):

1. G.E. Gallas. And they’re out of the starting gate! It’s always inspiring to see folks in their 20s emerge into the adult world with lots of energy and verve. Screenwriter, graphic novelist, alternative press enthusiast, Ms. Gallas certainly qualifies as an emerging writer/artist to watch.

2. Kellikillion. Local lady makes good! Farmer’s daughter, teacher, poet, fiction writer, artist, this renaissance woman combines common sense and sophistication to offer fine posts and images.

3. Danny Breslin. Across the Himalayas! Talk about going to extremes for research…A man in love with the written word and the world.

4. Ray Sharp. The Bard of Liminga. A fine poet this gentleman (& in spanish, too). Like RT, Mr. Sharp has seen some things, been some places, and has the eloquence (and humor) to show for it.

5. le chien noir jewelry. Sea glass, paper clips, chalcedony. Going boldly and tastefully where few have gone before, LCNJ nonetheless produces many pieces that have a contemplative feel to them. Water influences more than a few of these imaginative works.

6. Conor Cullen. Hello from the heart of Ireland! Always wanted to visit the Emerald Isle but never had the resources to do so? Try this photographer’s down-to-earth site. The magic and beauty are still alive.

7. Simon H. Lilly. A Celtic Bard via Japan. Buddha, James Joyce, and the Isle of Skye meet in this writer’s work. Some very fine images, too.

8. Sue Silver. Auckland Meets Shepherdstown. East and West meet again in this gifted poet and photographer’s work. Worldly wise, this.

9. Coco J. Ginger Says. A Walk Along the Beach. This blogger’s secret boils down to a single word: happiness.

10. Man of the Word. Worm Ouroburos. The life of the mind played out on the plains…check out the reading list!

11. A Few Short Words. Flash fiction, for real. Young, interested in women, down in the trenches.

12. ljclayton. Deadly Nevergreen. Cool, restrained, gothic. & don’t overlook Le Fanu!

13. LadyRomp. Full Spectrum Femininity. Straight-on women’s empowerment–inspiration, health, motherhood. Did I mention empowerment?

14. chester maynes. federal gods, sparrow lines. Fine haiku and poetry.

15. The Illustrators Journal. Remember when Newspapers were Fun? Marathons, photo shoots, life coaching, cartoons.

Last but not least, instructions. Nominees must write a post that 1) links back to their nominator; 2) reveals seven things about themselves; and 3) nominates 15 more bloggers. They must also display the award’s logo on their blog. Congrats, one and all!    RT