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Kameda Bosai, Old Trees

September 7, 2016 2 comments

Confucian Poem LACMA M.91.22.jpg


RT has been resolutely ignoring his creative impulses (such as they were) in the face of the many tasks (not the least of which is grieving) that have followed on his mother’s death. Resolutely ignoring, that is, until a spontaneous visit to his local bookstore brought him face-to-face with an alluring poem by Kameda Bosai, a Japanese poet (or rather, scholar and literati painter) that RT had never heard of before. Well, the temptation proved too much for the sterner angels of RT’s nature, and he offers the results of his latest foray into translation below. He knows that mom would approve.


old trees crimson at spring’s glance;

waterfalls icy, smash and echo.

imagine a mountain hermit swaying,

collapsing into laughter. water-stars, wind.


(Dedicated to Andy and Janet)


Image: Confucian Poem, Kameda Bosai. circa 1820-1824. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. WikiCmns. Public Domain.




October 5, 2013 7 comments


structure and tension, meaning and motion: we are balanced between absolute truth and pure fluency. poetry.    RT

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Chinese Character: Qi (or as RT is familiar with it, Chi), meaning “natural energy” or “life force.” Author: Kbarends. WikiCmns; Public Domain.



ART: Drury Brennan Goes Caligraphy Crazy!



wow…amazing work… RT

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ART: Drury Brennan Goes Caligraphy Crazy!.

Letter to My Father

March 30, 2013 1 comment

poignant & beautiful… RT

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Letter to My Father.

NIght Calligraphies


Simon Lilly strikes again with beautiful words and calligraphy…enjoy!  RT

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NIght Calligraphies.

Alphabet mania

February 20, 2013 2 comments


a calligrapher, her story and work…check it out!

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Alphabet mania.

I am the Vine

February 18, 2013 Leave a comment


poetry strikes again…  RT

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I am the Vine.