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Evan Hecox

September 15, 2013 Leave a comment

dynamic design, for sure…  RT

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Evan Hecox.

Indie type

great typography & design resource…  RT

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Indie type.

Dyer’s Record Book

File:Thomas Ratcliffe - Dyer's record book - Google Art Project.jpg

something beautiful for Memorial Day…   RT

Photo: Dyer’s Record Book (1812-1823), Thomas Ratcliffe, Cooper-Hewit, National Design Museum; WikiCmns; Public Domain.


Dell Mapback End Paper with Keyhole Variations


and this time, an endpaper design… RT

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Dell Mapback End Paper with Keyhole Variations.

Feeling Square (and a little dotty)


i’m kinda feeling this way today… RT

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Feeling Square (and a little dotty).

I don’t know which FONT to use!

some very useful information…RT

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I don’t know which FONT to use!.

Gilgamesh Back Cover–Redux!

Gilgamesh-Back Cover

RT has figured out a way to get around the SVG file/Wordpress impasse: he scanned a printout of the cover into his computer. So now, with some pride and relief, he offers the finished back cover. Now onto the Lulu upload…


© copyright 2013, Eric Quinn


Modern Gothic Alphabet Letters


cool and fun…  RT

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Modern Gothic Alphabet Letters.

The Cheater’s Guide


some spice on a Saturday evening… RT

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The Cheater’s Guide.


February 18, 2013 2 comments


wise (& beautiful) words, these…   RT

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