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The Monarch Butterfly’s Spring Migration

April 9, 2014 6 comments

File:Monarch Butterfly Danaus plexippus on Echinacea purpurea 2800px.jpg


The time is approaching for eastern Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) to return to the U.S. east coast from their wintering grounds in Mexico: a more beautiful visitor is hard to imagine. Though the population of the Monarch has declined significantly in recent years, a decline linked to several changes in the butterfly’s environment, the MB is not yet listed as endangered. Fortunately, several organizations are at work trying to protect the butterflies; RT offers links to a couple of them, Monarch Watch and Monarch Butterfly Fund. As is so often the case, the status of the most vulnerable members of a community is a good indicator of the community’s overall health.   RT

Photograph: A Monarch Butterfly on a Purple Coneflower (2007). Author: Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man). WikiCmns; License: GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 only. This image was selected as picture of the day on English Wikipedia, August 27, 2008.



Bright button charm bracelet



some color for the season…   RT

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Bright button charm bracelet.


A certain lighthearted whimsy has overtaken RT since publishing the first four tablets of Gilgamesh this morning. In the spirit of the moment, he offers this drawing…


Drawing: Here Comes the Parade (1881); Ida Waugh; WikiCmns; Public Domain.





some color for a Thursday evening…  RT

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Watercolor Experiment with Pink Outlines

April 14, 2013 2 comments




fun stuff for april…  RT

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Watercolor Experiment with Pink Outlines.

In Progress: Iron Work and Blossoms


Washington at its most beguiling…  RT

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In Progress: Iron Work and Blossoms.

Happy Birthday, All You Spring Babies!!



well, spring is a traditional time for birthing, and RT knows quite a few people with birthdays during the season. As for the Porsche cake, well, RT has got a hunch it’s deliciousdig in (& happy birthday), everyone!!!   RT


Photo: Designer Porsche Cake; Author: Tony Alter (cake made by Couture Cakes of Newport News); WikiCmns; CC 2.0 Generic.


spring’s arrival

April 7, 2013 2 comments


women store their coats

find their garlands, walking free

in their body’s bloom


© copyright, 2013, The Rag Tree


Fresco: Primavera from Stabiae; (Villa Arianna; one of the most famous frescoes, the undisputed masterpiece of painting from the Roman period (third Pompeian style), surely inspired by terracotta figurines of the fourth century BC). WikiCmns; Public Domain.


Impressions of a leaf

April 2, 2013 4 comments

it’s april…   RT

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Impressions of a leaf.

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March 28, 2013 1 comment


farewell to winter…   RT

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